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MAP Policy

MAP Policy

Clutch Masters Industries, Inc. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) shall be 10% off the U.S. MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) plus/minus $1.00.

MAP applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to individual consumers.  

MAP is an Agreement into which all legitimate Clutch Masters Industries, Inc. (“Clutch Masters”) authorized retailers (“Dealers”) voluntarily enter. It describes a portion of the relationship that Dealers share with an authorized Clutch Masters supplier or official Clutch Masters distributor. According to such Agreement, Retailers may sell MAP restricted items for any price, but may not display (in any print or online advertising) a price below the Minimum Advertised Price.

Dealers must adhere to MAP policies. It is the right way to do business. Such adherence guarantees customers of the Dealer will receive proper and prompt service from Clutch Masters if needed. Clutch Masters has put these policies in place to protect the consumer, from dealers who have no knowledge of the products, provide no support and in some cases misrepresent Clutch Masters products’ capabilities, content, technical specifications and availability. Please respect this MAP Agreement.

Clutch Masters Industries, Inc. printed distribution requirements.

1) Dealer must be a legitimate auto parts entity, with customer access for product display and purchase.

2) Dealer must maintain an acceptable selection and adequate quantities of Clutch Masters product.

3) Dealer will make available for consumer purchase any Clutch Masters product in a mutually agreed upon fashion. In addition, Dealer will provide needed technical support and will process any warranty issues. Any returns are handled through the Clutch Masters distributor where product was originally purchased.

4) Dealer shall give its best effort to advertise, display or market Clutch Masters products to the consumer.

5) Pricing in reseller advertisements must be equal to or higher than the MAP reflected in current Price List. An advertisement where no pricing is shown is considered to be in compliance.

6) Deviations of up to one dollar ($1.00) above or below MAP are allowable to accommodate various reseller pricing practices.

7) Specific product(s) or model(s) by SKU or model numbers must be designated in priced advertisements.

8) Two or more Clutch Masters products advertised and sold together may not be advertised at less than the combined MAP of the two Products.

9) Advertisements which show Clutch Masters products bundled with any other products must be submitted to Clutch Masters for approval.


Co-Op Advertising & Promotion Policy

Retail advertisement pricing that is MORE THAN 10% below the Clutch Masters manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP) violates this MAP Agreement.

NOTE: Non-compliance with any point within this MAP Agreement will likely void any Co-Op allowance.


Violation of Clutch Masters Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy.

·       If Dealer is in material violation of the Clutch Masters MAP Policy, the Dealer and the distributors from whom the Dealer purchases will lose discounts, and risk removal from the “Authorized Dealer Listing” until the violation is corrected.

·       Clutch Masters will demand that violations of MAP policies by internet or ecommerce businesses to be corrected within five business days. Where print or visual advertising methods are used Clutch Masters will require correction in the next earliest edition (or ad slot) after notification of violation to maintain available discounts.

·       Clutch Masters acknowledges that the Dealer and Distributor is free to advertise, sell or give away product at their sole discretion and at a price of their sole determination, but agree that practices in violation of MAP policies may result in exclusion from any and all Co-Op incentives, and may subject the Dealer or Distributor to removal from the “Authorized Dealer Listing”.



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