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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Stage Clutch Kit is best for my vehicle?

Every vehicle, driver, and scenario is different. Depending on the amount of power you are making and the intent/ purpose of the vehicle should dictate what clutch kit will best suit you. If you are looking for a clutch kit that will be smooth, reliable, and street friendly then a FX100 – FX350 will be suitable and recommended. If you are making a reasonable amount of TQ and require a clutch kit that will be able to withstand a large amount of abuse on a frequent basis then a FX400 will be a good option. For specific descriptions and variations of disc materials please refer to the “Product” tab.  

What is the life expectancy of a Clutch Masters clutch kit?

Organic/ Kevlar/ Formula Button Clutch kits are expected and tend to have a higher life expectancy than OEM, however not guaranteed. Improper Installation, Driving style, performance upgrades, Break in procedure and light weight flywheels will effect and have a role in determining the life expectancy of the clutch kit. Ceramic based clutch disc are not intended to increase the life expectancy of a clutch rather to increase the holding capacity and improve the durability of the clutch. Using a ceramic based material for easy street driving may reduce the life of the clutch kit due to harsh engagement and higher tendency to slip the clutch kit.  Life expectancy of a twin disc is subjective. The driving characteristics of the driver and setup of the vehicle will dictate the life expectancy of the clutch kit. Using a twin disc on the street on a daily driven vehicle under normal driving conditions may reduce the life expectancy of the clutch kit since you are more prone to slip the discs. 

What is the Torque rating of a Clutch Masters clutch kit?

Clutch Masters does not advertise specific Torque rates due to the wide range of possible scenarios that will neglect the TQ rating estimates. Torque ratings can be deceiving since it does not take into consideration the factors that will alter and drastically change the holding capacity of a clutch kit such as tire size, driving style, naturally aspirated vs forced induction, or nitrous. All of these factors and elements play a major role in determining the torque rating capacity of a clutch kit. Please contact a Clutch Masters representative if you are unsure or have more questions regarding Torque ratings.     

Can Clutch Masters build a custom clutch kit to work with my custom application?

Yes, Clutch Masters builds its clutch kits in house and has a wide range of resources that will allow for us to build any Frankenstein you come up with! For more information please contact a Clutch Masters representative.

Are individual clutch components available?

A majority of individual components are available depending on the application. Clutch Masters never recommends replacing individual components on a clutch kit since the slightest difference in measurements will have a major effect on the clutch kit. There is absolutely no warranty on individual components and will not accept any returns on individual components. Please contact a Clutch Masters representative for pricing and availability.  

Will I experience a stiffer peddle feel with a Clutch Masters clutch kit?

By re-engineering the pressure plate leverage ring (moving it closer to the pivot point), Clutch Masters solves the clamping vs. pedal pressure problem in a unique way. By moving the pressure ring, Clutch Masters Hi-Leveragetm Pressure Plates take mechanical advantage of the leverage principle. By moving the leverage ring closer to the pivot point, the pressure applied to the plate is increased significantly without unnecessarily increasing pedal pressure, as is typically the case in other clutches. This Hi-Leveragetm feature is unique to the high-performance clutch industry.

Does Clutch Masters price match?

No, Clutch Masters does not price match since we encourage and prefer customers to purchase from a Clutch Masters Authorized Dealer. For information and listing of Clutch Masters dealers please view our “Dealers” tab.

What is the weight of a Clutch Masters Flywheel?

Clutch Masters Flywheels weight descriptions are located on the 2013 Clutch Masters catalog. If you do not see a specific listings please contact a Clutch Masters representative.   

Will a Clutch Masters flywheel make noise?

Replacing your OEM flywheel with a light weight flywheel may cause gear noise or a vibration that may not be suitable for everyone. The lighter the flywheel the more gear noise will be produced. Depending on the application Clutch Masters usually recommends Steel flywheels rather than Aluminum flywheels since Aluminum flywheels will cause more gear noise. Aluminum flywheels are usually only recommended for race applications looking to have the least amount of weight as possible

Are replaceable flywheel inserts available for a Clutch Masters Aluminum flywheel?

Yes, Replaceable flywheel inserts are available on our website under the “Flywheel Insert” selection. You will need to know the Inside diameter, Outside diameter and the Number of fasteners that are used to attach the insert with the flywheel. Flywheel inserts orders will include new set of flange nuts and socket cap screws. Clutch Masters special thin wall sockets are available as well if needed.

Does Clutch Masters Ship internationally?

Yes, Clutch Masters Dealers are located all around the world and will be able to assist you will your clutch kit needs. However, Clutch Masters will be more than happy to ship to you direct if you choose to do so, however limited payment options are available for international orders. Please contact a Clutch Masters representative to receive a shipping quote for your international order.





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